It's time to start the habits that will help you live happier.

Start living happier and more fulfilled today with the 3 consistent steps to 
create the habits that bring happiness.

Start building the habits that help you live happier, not just do more!
Don't live another day with habits that don't help you feel happier.

Just between us, you know there are a few habits you need to start that 
you haven't started yet. 
And honestly, if you could do it alone, you would have done it already!
Start today on the habits you know you need to do.

do it 

Katie C.
My habit has been conquered!!!! What a huge difference these habits have made in my life!!! Thanks Jason!! You are a Rockstar! 
As part of the Happier Habits Mastermind Group we will
Learn the 3 Consistent Habit Hacks that will help you build any habit! (and how to break bad ones)
  • Habit Hack #1 Start Small: How to size your habits to help you overcome the challenge of momentum.
  • Habit Hack #2 Make it Easy: How to make your habits easier to do so you are more consistent.
  • Habit Hack #3 Celebrate Small Wins: Adding celebration to your life to build habits faster!

Get the tools you need to create lasting habits

Life is easier with tools! The Happier Habits Mastermind Group will provide you with the downloads, checklists, and guides to not just start your habits, but keep them going for years!

Be a part of the community to stay committed!
No one should go on the habit journey alone! Being a part of the Happier Habits Mastermind Group will give you the community you need to stick with your habits, even when it is difficult.
I have found a new passion
and direction for my business and life
Once I started, Jason made habits so
interesting that I was afraid to miss a call.
Having dedicated time to talk in a safe space where others are just as eager to share and grow
was a tremendous help.
The Happier Habits Mastermind Group Will:
Habit kick off training
Start your habit journey by identifying the areas that are most important to you and creating habits to support them. All the resources you need will be emailed to you! Watch for that and get started right away.

Then start joining the calls!
Meet twice a month to learn and share.
  •  Learn the hacks to improve your habits.
  • Share your successes and celebrate wins.
  • Brainstorm solutions to your challenges as well as helping other members of the group.

Create your Happier Habits Plan

Utilize the Happier Habits Guide to build and maintain your habits. You will receive group as well as one on one feedback on your plan to dial in your habits and make the progress you need to live happier.

Weekly emails to track and record your progress.
Your journey is unique and beautiful! The weekly emails will help you reflect on success and plan your future. With these tools in place you will face each week with the confidence that you can achieve your goals through successful habits.

Bonus: Free Habit Book Only for This Group!

As a special bonus for this group, you will receive a free copy of my Happier Habits Method book coming out soon. This book will only be free for this group and you will get early advanced copies!

Here is what you get:

  • 6 Modules of Online Habit Hack Training (Value = $990)
  • ​​2 Happier Habit Accountability Calls a month ($800)
  • ​Group coaching on the Happier Habits Guide ($420)
  • ​Weekly Habit Tracking Emails ($290)
  • ​BONUS: Advanced copy of the Happier Habits Method book!

Here is what it cost:

  • Monthly Price: $500 a month
  • ​​Paid in full: 3 month session for $1,000
You get a month free!
The time to start is now!
Don't live another day in the same pattern as today!
Tomorrow can be better! That happens when our habits put us on the path to greater happiness. You can always keep grinding at what you are doing, living below your full happiness. You can always join later and live less happy for a few more days, then weeks, then months.

But that is not you!

You were born for more, and you were born for happiness! Decide that today is the day you start living happier. Live happier for yourself. Live happier for those you love. Live happier to fulfill your greatest self!

Start today!

Let's live the Happier Habits life together!
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